The 2904

Transcontinental Motorized Vehicular Tournament of Efficiency and Endurance

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Coast to Coast for $2904

The 2904: A Transcontinental Motorized Vehicular Tournament of Efficiency and Endurance

You may rightly ask, "What the hell does that mean?"

Think the Cannonball Run meets The 24 Hours of LeMons.

"Duh," you say, "I've seen "The Cannonball Run" like 15 times and while it may be a cinematic experience for the ages your idea is hardly original".

Well listen up Burt, 'cause here's the kicker, you must traverse the 2904 miles from New York to California on a budget of $2,904, and that includes the car, fuel, toll, tickets, food ... everything.

"Wha? That's preposterous!" you say? Well buddy, these days almost any trust fund twerp can hop in a megabuck cruiser and blow across the US in record time all by his lonesome. But, what if you had to do it in a cheap old used car or truck? What if you had to do it within a pauper's budget? Now we are talking about being smart, wily, and a bit off your rocker.

Now we are talking about The 2904.

2017 Winners

P71 Blackturd - 2007 Ford Crown Vic


The P71 Blackturd returns after its humiliating defeat in 2015 and crushes The 2904 route record with a time of 31:45. In 2019 Arne of the Blackturd and Doug of Team Full Monte would cash in their trust funds and go on to set the fastest Cannonball of all time with a run of 27:25 from NYC to Redondo Beach in a total Alex Roy style high tech douchemobile.

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27:25 coast to coast. Amazeballs. Congrats to @arnesantics and @switchcars.
... for President.
Not dead yet.
One year and a day ago ...
The Lincoln makes it coast to coast in 37 hours 5 minutes!
History Lesson: Apparently in 1978 cars didn't go faster than 80 mph. #onemoretimearound
Only the Aquabats can save us! #aquabats #the2904 #cannonballrun
85mph across Ohio with Herb Alpert and the TJB on 8-Track. Magic.
Ready at the Redball garage.
The 2904 does the C2C.
We found our nominee.
The perfect number for registering a The 2904 car.
And of course, don't forget about Love's! #the2904 #crosscountry #usa #minivan #racing
Be sure to look up some unique spots to see on your way back. #the2904 #arizona #winslow #corner #crosscountry #racing #minivan #song
Keep an eye on the weather. It can play tricks on you. #the2904 #crosscountry #racing #usa #clouds #storm #flashflood
Make sure to check out things on the way back. #the2904 #crosscountry #wind #usa
Learn to improvise if things aren't perfect, like the A/C not working. #ac #oldcar #warmweather #oldsmobile #usa #racing #90s #the2904
Once you get your car, begin the adventure of taking it home! #the2904 #crosscountry #dealership #ford #oldsmobile #usa #racing #90s
A The 2904 tutorial: find the car, buy the car, now it's time to get to the car. #the2904 #crosscountry #airlines #flying #racing
The first The 2904 car for 2015 is purchased in Missouri. A stunning 1995 Oldsmobile Silhouette, the Cadillac of Minivans. It begins its journey to California for prep this Saturday. Will it make it?