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Kick Ass British Documentary British filmmaker, David Aspinall, takes a ride with automotive scribe Benny Newsman and crew on the 2015 run. A fantastic look at the before, during and after of an actual Cannonball effort. Warning: strong, manly language and gesticulations.
The 2904 is born! The story of how and why, in 2007, John Ficarra started the first competitive Cannonball event in decades with two crappy Subarus and a Volvo.‚Äč
Ed Bolian VS The World 2015 was the year of Ed Bolian's first competitive Cannonball and everyone wanted a piece of him. The perfect weapon? A Oldsmobile Silhouette minivan dressed as a Star Trek shuttlecraft, of course.
Driving A Fake Military Vehicle Ficarra recalls the 2008 run when Top Gear joined the fray. Learning from the first year, he decides to go for more power (and fuel) and outfits a Caprice cop car as an Army staff car.
Double Drug Searches! Busted! Ficarra shares the story from the 2010 run about being searched not once, but twice for drugs. Check out the VINwiki Carstory by clicking the Read More button.
I can't give a ticket to the A-Team! Ficarra tells the tale of the A-Team van's record run in 2009 on VINwiki CarStories.
The Limo Cannonball Dream Team Ed Bolian tells his tale of the final running of The 2904 in a Craigslist purchased Cadillac limousine. Watch the Cannonball record holder, an original 1979 Cannonball participant, the man with the most competitive Cannonballs, and a Kung Fu master drive across country... what could possibly go wrong?
Top Gear Article Yes, THAT Top Gear. Imagine a Steinbeck novel that was washed in gasoline, smeared with beef jerky, and stuffed down a trucker's pants. Brilliant.
Cannonball Re-Run A Screwball crew of gearheads retool the outlaw cross-country car race.