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P-71 Blackturd Mach 2

31:45 - 2007 Ford Crown Vic - Winner: The Crappy Trophy

How do you set the competitive Cannonball record? With a 10 year old former cop car, then former taxi, with 300,000 miles on it that's how. Returning from their 3rd place finish in 2015, Blackturd was gunning for the win, and with a rolling average of over 91 mph they absolutely crushed the long standing NYC to SF route record, and also beat the overall coast to coast competitive record in the same stroke.

Team captain, Arne Toman and friends would go on to destroy Ed Bolian's Cannonball record in 2019 with a coast to coast time of 27:25 in a complete Alex Roy type high tech douchemobile, but with a distinct lack of scarves. Whatever.

The Ride

2007 Ford Crown Vic

P-71 Blackturd Mach 2 Team Members

Miles Compton

Syed Ahmed

Arne Toman